Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are you guys from?

Without giving too much away, we are near the Houston greater metropolitan area.

2. What are your names?

That is not a question we are willing to answer.

3. Why are you so concerned about anonymity?

In a nutshell, we have jobs and conservative family and friends who would not approve of us doing this. Therefore, we choose to remain anonymous. If you happen to be one of the few who knows who we are, or you happen to figure it out, we would greatly appreciate you keeping your yap shut about it.

4. I’m a single male and I want to fuck your wife. How do I get invited to play with you guys?

By FAR, the most common question we get. I suppose it’s understandable considering that several of our pics are of the wife with guys who she isn’t married to. While we do occasionally invite single males to play with us, it is far more common for us to play with other couples (we have a great group of couples that we invite over for orgies from time to time - they know about this blog but unless they ask me to post pics, you won’t see pics of them in here). That said, on the rare occasions that we choose to play with single men, we often find that we are almost overwhelmed with volunteers to join. We did not start posting to tumblr to meet play partners, and while we don’t rule out the possibility of someone from Tumblr getting invited in, the fact is that we meet most guys through or or less often through craigslist.

BUT…there’s always a but, for those of you who are serious or who wonder how we find guys to play with, I’ll lay it out for you. For single guys looking to play with couples, these are probably some good general guidelines to use for any situation where you are trying to become some couples third.

Basic non negotiable requirements - You must:

Negotiable items - We’d like it if you:

Since there are so many single guys who want to be thirds (or fourths, fifths, etc), you need to realize that, to use the economics term, you are working with a “saturated market”. Dick is a dime a dozen, and I don’t care how big and special you think yours is, there’s plenty of them out there. Therefore, you have to get our (i.e. her) attention. As I stated earlier, we have, and still occasionally do, use craigslist to meet single men for her. A single ad will generate dozens of responses. Most of them get deleted with only a brief glance when I see that they are only a picture of someones dick or some poorly worded one line response along the lines of “u want this dick” without her even seeing them. In fact, if you use “u” instead of “you”, I won’t show them to her because it just dries up her pussy. She (and I’m guessing I can speak for most couples in similar situations) likes a well worded and thorough response with proper grammar and punctuation. If you take the time to craft a well worded and thought out response, then, by our thinking, you’ll take the time to truly try to satisfy her and help us fulfil the fantasies that are the reason you are invited along in the first place. Also, don’t make us ask for pictures because we probably won’t and while the well worded response is an attention getter, there has to be physical attraction on her part as well.

So to sum it up:

5. We are a couple and we want to meet you.

Mostly, we apply the same basic rules as we do to single males, but we aren’t as stringent. We would love to find a nearby couple to hang out with more (and join our little orgy group). If you post your own pics and live in the Houston area, definitely get in touch with us if you’d like to go to dinner and talk about how much fun it is to be amateur porn stars.

Either way, get in touch and we will see what we can work out.

6. Does your wife like BBC?

My wife likes big cocks on smart guys, she doesn’t really care what color they are.

7. Can I submit pictures to you?

Sure, if you’d like. I can’t guaruntee that I will post them but feel free.

8. How come you don’t always respond to my messages or talk to me?

We try to acknowledge every nice comment we receive. However, this is an AMATEUR blog and we do have jobs that put food on the table and enable us to buy cool camera gear and such so we can keep bringing you these wonderful photos. We do greatly appreciate each and every one of you that follows us and like/reblogs/comments on our pics and if our lack of response at times ever offends anyone, please accept our apology in the form of more porn!!!

9. I want to get my wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend into swinging, any advice?

First off, the lines of communication have to be WIDE open with both of you and it has to be something you both want to try. If one of you is against it, just throw in the towel because it is going to end badly if he/she is forced into a situation that they aren’t cool with. If it’s something you both want, then the first thing to do is have a very frank discussion about rules and limits. How far is play allowed to go? Do we only play with other couples or are singles allowed? Soft or full swap? Play together or alone? Get that out of the way up front with your clothes on and no one else in the room and stick to it.

As a for instance, we are a full swap couple, meaning that I am free to play with anyone who is willing and so is she to whatever extent we want to but with certain rules: